3 ways cost control software improves efficiency.

This blog explores how software can automate repetitive tasks, provide one source of information & handle variations in a fraction of the time.

Are manual processes and disparate systems making your business inefficient? Do you struggle to find up to date information?

If so, you’re probably like the other 73% of construction contractors who struggle to obtain fully integrated, real-time project data and spend unnecessary time collating, sharing and managing financial project information. Here are 3 ways project cost control software can make your construction projects more efficient and information more accessible.

1. Save time by automating repetitive administration tasks

Are your teams spending lots of time manually producing take offs, orders, progress reports and interim valuations? Are they wasting time reinventing the wheel? Are they regularly bogged down in paperwork, rather than focusing on delivering the project on time and on budget?

Project cost control software alleviates onerous and repetitive administration. It fully automates tedious tasks such as preparing applications for payment, producing rate build ups or requesting supplier quotes, and ensures the latest information is available to everyone who needs it. Save time and free up your teams to take on more projects, with no additional resource.

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2. Provide a central location for real-time project information

When you win a bid, does the tender information flow seamlessly onsite to a live project without a load of rework? Is business-critical project information stored in silos – in personal drives, disparate systems and multiple spreadsheets? Are your accounts staff forever calling site to query invoices?

A lack of access to up-to-date information wastes time, means staff are inefficient and increases the risk of error. With project cost control software you use one central system for managing financial information for the entire project duration, both onsite and offsite. The whole team can update and interrogate the project financials, based on their permissions, and have 360° visibility of information from anywhere, at any time. Everything they need is at their fingertips. No more fact-finding phone calls and wasted time.

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3. Handle variations in a fraction of the time

Does your Quantity Surveyor rescope work, request new quotes, produce rate build ups and recalculate costs manually? Is this information easily distributed to the Site Manager or head office? Do you find it difficult to establish if you made the anticipated margin on a variation?

Variations are inevitable and often a good revenue generator. However, it often takes your most skilled and well-paid staff to manage them. Project cost control software saves time by automatically and instantly updating project information to include any revisions. Stored centrally, costs are recalculated accordingly meaning everyone has access to the latest data. And importantly, you know what profit will be made with each variation.

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