It’s our job to help you succeed.

So you’ve taken the plunge and chosen Chalkstring and now it’s time to get started. With proven processes, a set of Chalkstring brain boxes at hand and your teams ready to go, we’ll get your account set up, input your data and transform your teams from novice users into experts.

Expert guidance every step of the way.

Using our project cost control software, Chalkstring

Set up

We will set up your account and populate Chalkstring with your company data.

Learning programme for our integrated project cost control software for construction contractors


We’ll take you through a learning programme to get you comfortable with using Chalkstring.

Helpdesk support for construction contractors using Chalkstring, our project cost control and management software


We will give you access to our friendly helpdesk team, should you have a question.

Our team, your team, working together.

We find the best route to a smooth and successful set up is by outlining and agreeing what everyone needs to do and when, and working as a team.

We understand the journey you’re going on and will help you to populate your account, train your users and provide them with continued support to ensure your business benefits from Chalkstring.

Our commitment

Provide you with an Account Manager to be your single point of contact.
Train you on how to populate Chalkstring effectively and provide useful resources to support you.
Take your team through a learning programme to ensure they can use Chalkstring effectively.
Provide helpdesk support should you need it.

Your commitment

Collate and structure your company data.
Aid engagement by explaining the reasons for investing in Chalkstring to your employees and its benefits to their roles and the business as a whole.
Participate actively in training sessions run by our training team.
Learn how to use Chalkstring and identify which internal processes may need to change.

Our approach.

A proven methodology for a smooth, structured and successful set up.

Set up process for Chalkstring, our project cost control and management software

Getting you out of the blocks.

Together we will have a kick off meeting, where we’ll review your project’s goals and scope the activities required for deployment. We’ll discuss change management tactics, agree timelines and set milestones for your set up.

Data population in construction software for contractors

Setting you up.

We will hold your hand as you collate and structure your project and company data – including materials, labour, pricing and contacts etc. We will set up your account for you and upload your data, ready for you to move on to the learning progamme.

Learning our project cost control software for construction contractors

Giving you the skills to get going.

Our aim is to make your users effective in using Chalkstring quickly. We believe that ‘learning by doing’ is the most effective way to learn, which is why our online training is phased. This gives you chance to learn the software, undertake learning tasks and follow up with your Chalkstring trainer. Not only does you business get a trainer dedicated to you, you’ll also benefit from pre-recorded sessions and online guides and resources to help you learn.

Long time partnerships with clients of Chalkstring, our project cost control software

A partnership for life.

After you go live and your users are trained, will continue to support you – during your first project and any other projects thereafter.
Your users will be able to access our growing Knowledge Base, containing useful tips and tricks and resources. Plus they can join webinars on new features and advanced functionality. And if they need a little more support or have a question, they can contact our Chalkstring experts via our Helpdesk.