Manage payment certification efficiently.
Take away the pain.

Applications and certifications management for construction contractors. Chalkstring allows contractors to manage payment certification efficiently.

Easily manage payment approval and certification.

Streamline how you manage certified figures from your client and process labour applications from your subcontractors. You can use one system to make applications for payment, record certified values and store payment notices.

Using Chalkstring it’s easy to manage labour payments to many different subcontractors. Simply review, compare and approve their labour applications. Plus, Chalkstring will let accounts know how much to pay and automatically generate payment certificates for your subcontractors. Take away the headache and ensure you don’t over pay suppliers again.

Improve efficiency.

Use one system to manage progress, interim valuations, applications and certifications for both client and subcontractors.

Enhance collaboration.

Empower your commercial and accounts teams to work more closely by providing them with the right information, when they need it.

Mitigate risk.

Streamline how you manage labour applications and ensure you never over pay subcontractors again.

Process client certification quickly.

Logging certifications in Chalkstring is fast. Simply upload the certification and input its value, the date and a breakdown of the costs by package. Or, you can input a single figure and Chalkstring will assign revenue proportional to the values and percentages detailed in the application for payment.

Chalkstring then updates everything in real-time, from amending high-level project financials through to future applications, giving you visibility of key metrics and providing your accounts team with critical information they need.


Manage labour applications easily.

With Chalkstring it’s easy to review, query, approve and certify all your subcontractor labour applications.

You can manage multiple applications simultaneously and easily identify if any subcontractor is overbooking work. Chalkstring enables you to aggregate various subcontractors working on the same package or zone, and quickly cross reference the combined labour bill against the progress report to ensure each supplier is claiming for the correct amount. Labour applications can easily be approved if correct or adjusted if not.

Once approved, your accounts team instantly know what payments to make. Chalkstring will automatically generate a payment certificate for your subcontractor. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a full audit trail detailing all applications, approvals, certificates and payments made, just in case there’s any query at a later date.

Remove the headache and manage labour applications efficiently using Chalkstring.

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