One place for everything.
That’s right.

One system for managing your projects, contacts and documents.

Chalkstring gives you a bird’s eye view of your projects, documents, clients, suppliers, subcontractors and operatives. It sounds a little like a CRM system, but the key difference is that Chalkstring’s been designed specifically for construction projects. It takes CRM one step further and manages your entire project financials from tender to final account, as well as your contacts and documents.

Use a centralised system.

Avoid having multiple systems. Use one system for managing information relating to clients, projects, suppliers, subcontractors and operatives.

Aid legal compliance.

Store and control important compliance information such as risk assessment method statements, insurance details, skills tickets and work permits.

Work from anywhere.

Whether you’re onsite, in the office or sunning yourself in Tahiti, you can access project information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

One place of truth.

Chalkstring is cloud-based and fully secure with clever encryption, meaning your project teams can safely access key information whenever they need, including:

Clients + projects.

Chalkstring stores key information relating to your clients, such as contact details, head office and regional locations and key contacts. You can see every project you’ve ever tendered for, won or lost, and access real-time data relating to live projects, such as progress reports, applications for payment and invoices.

Project documentation.

Easily store and manage project documentation within Chalkstring. With unlimited storage, you can create folders and save anything you like to a specific project, from drawings & specifications, progress photos and health & safety data to risk assessment method statements and material specifications. Streamline storage, improve document retrieval & improve collaboration.


You can create a supplier database in Chalkstring, detailing the type of supplier, contact details and location. You can also upload material, plant and labour quotes, for use both during tendering and onsite during construction. And you can easily access orders, deliveries and invoices relating to each supplier. All at the touch of a button.


Chalkstring will help you manage compliance. You can store information relating to each of your subcontractors including their trades, VAT details, CITB levy data and insurance policies. Plus, Chalkstring will notify you when policies expire. You can also retrieve labour quotes, applications for payment and approvals for each subcontractor. Rest easy in the knowledge you have all the relevant information on hand and in one place.


Maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on your operatives is a legal requirement. In Chalkstring, you can securely store personal details such as national insurance and next of kin, as well as other key information such as CSCS cards, skills tickets and work permits, together with their expiry dates and scanned copies. It’s easy to filter operatives by trades when you’re looking for specific labour for a project. And if that isn’t enough, you can easily allocate an operative to a specific project to know who is expected onsite and when.

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