Log deliveries easily.
Approve invoices fast.

Deliveries and invoices made easy for construction contractors. Chalksring allows contractors to log deliveries easily and approve invoices fast.

Seamless integration between onsite and off-site.

Using one platform, you can track deliveries, easily share invoices across the project team and streamline your payment approval process.

Maximise resource.

Ensure deliveries reach the correct location onsite and reduce the need for the double handling of materials.

Improve collaboration.

Empower your on and off-site teams to collaborate and work more productively.

Be more efficient.

Streamline and standardise your business processes to increase efficiency.

Log deliveries easily.

Logging deliveries is simple in Chalkstring. When a delivery arrives onsite, the Site Manager can log it, along with a photo of the delivery ticket. It’s quick and painless and provides an audit trail of who signed for the delivery and when, what was delivered and how much is outstanding. Ideal, if a query arises at a later date.

And, because all the delivery information is linked to the original order, the Site Manager can use Chalkstring’s delivery schedule to book crane time and ensure the items are distributed across the site as originally planned.

Control incomplete deliveries.

We know construction projects are hectic places, making it hard to keep track of multiple orders, whether they’ve been delivered in full, in part or are wrong.

Chalkstring does the hard work for you. If you don’t receive your order in full, Chalkstring will keep the order open until you have received all part deliveries. And if you’ve received too much of any product, it will automatically flag it for your review too.

Approve invoices fast.

Forget the time-consuming and frustrating phone calls and emails between accounts and commercial teams to chase approvals and query invoices. With Chalkstring, this is a thing of the past.

The accounts team can add invoices to Chalkstring as they are received, which marks them for the attention of the commercial team to approve or query. And if the information on the order, delivery note and invoice all match, they could even approve and pay the invoice themselves, simplifying the workflow even more.

Improve collaboration and streamline processes.

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