Prepare successful estimates & tenders more efficiently.

Proven to save time, our construction estimating software, Chalkstring, will ensure you create accurate and competitive bids day in, day out.

Job costing software for estimating construction projects

Maximise resource.

Prepare estimates & tenders faster and bid for more construction projects without having to hire more estimators.

Prepare estimates for construction projects quickly.

Win more construction projects

Price up different products, brands & suppliers to achieve the most competitive tenders.

Estimate, bid for and win more construction projects with Chalkstring.

Increase accuracy.

Reduce the guesswork associated with job costing. Make accurate waste allowances and retain full control over OH&P and adjustments.

Construction job costing software for contractors.

Price construction projects easily.

There’s no need to spend hours crunching the numbers for each estimate or bid. Because Chalkstring knows all your materials, labour and pricing, you can quickly cost construction jobs and produce professional estimates, including products and descriptions, rate build ups, quantities, prelims and adjustments, and even cover letters.

And because Chalkstring is designed to make construction contractors more efficient, as well as more competitive, you can instantly apply project-specific pricing to an entire estimate in one go. Chalkstring really makes job costing easier.

Estimating with construction cost control software, Chalkstring.

Control project costs with confidence.

Using our estimating software, Chalkstring, you can save time by accessing a wide range of material brands and products, labour activities and supplier pricing. You can even view historical pricing from previous construction projects for reference.

Simply apply your chosen rates to your tender in bulk or assign individual costs to suit. Chalkstring gives you full control and enables you to ensure you are pricing competitively, by reporting actual waste and contingency allowances from past construction projects.

Estimating just got easier.

Whether you call it estimating, tendering, bidding or job costing, Chalkstring has a range of powerful features to help you secure more construction projects. Here are just a few:

Save time with intelligent templates

Save time with an ever-expanding library of product templates specific to your contracting business enabling you to create rate build ups on-the-fly. You can also split your products into build phases and your construction project into zones to give further control.

Make changes & instantly see the impact.

Forget about updating all your disconnected systems and spreadsheets. As a single integrated platform, Chalkstring manages the entire estimating process meaning that any changes you make are automatically filtered down through the whole tender instantly.

Simplify project handover.

When you’ve secured a construction project, Chalkstring passes the tender information seamlessly across to the commercial team. Say goodbye to lengthy handovers and re-keying data into yet more spreadsheets, instead your onsite team has everything they need to review the project, refine things and get started immediately.