Interim valuations at your fingertips.
Applications for payment in seconds.

Interim valuations and payment applications for construction contractor. Chalkstring provides interim valuations at your fingertips and applications for payment in seconds.

Benefit from a fully automated system.

Because Chalkstring knows your onsite progress and what material and labour has been used, it can create an interim valuation instantly. Once you’ve reviewed and made any adjustments, you click a single button and Chalkstring will create an application for payment for you to send to your client. You do the sense checking, not the production.

Work faster.

Review interim valuations and create applications for payment in a fraction of the usual time.

Reduce risk.

Reduce the risk of error by using one system to manage project financials, instead of multiple spreadsheets or systems.

Have complete control.

Have confidence that your interim valuations and applications are based on real-time data and can be well substantiated if required.

Review interim valuations with ease.

Using your progress report, Chalkstring will create an interim valuation instantly. It’s that simple.

Your interim valuation will include work completed to date, plus any unused material onsite and will be broken down by package, contract scope work and variations. What’s more, for total flexibility you can manually override the progress percentages to front-load a larger payment if you would prefer.

There’s no need to create the interim valuation yourself. Simply review it in Chalkstring before generating your application for payment.

Save time calculating materials onsite.

Working out exactly what material has been used, and what is left onsite is often a manual task, with the Quantity Surveyor walking around the site counting materials.

Chalkstring removes the need for this tedious task. Using data from your progress report, Chalkstring will automatically calculate your materials balance, based on the materials ordered minus what’s been installed. Chalkstring then adds an industry standard mark up to your material costs, itemising each item and quantity, which is automatically included in your application claim. There’s nothing for you to do

Generate an application for payment in seconds.

Chalkstring will generate your payment application as an Excel spreadsheet in seconds. This document contains a summary sheet, showing the high-level detail relating to your total application, as well as granular information around the individual packages, contract scope and variations. On remeasure contracts, you can see the original tender quantities and all applications itemise the quantity, rate, total applied and progress percentage for each piece of work.

Plus, if you want to provide rate build ups and progress reports to support your claim, you can download these instantly. Everything you need to apply for payment is at your fingertips.

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