Streamline how you manage subcontractor labour payments.

Chalkstring speeds up the tedious task of processing labour applications from your subcontractors.

Software for approving construction labour applications quickly

Maximise efficiency.

Easily cross-check and approve large numbers of subcontractor labour applications simultaneously.

Easily pay subcontractor labour applications with Chalkstring software.

Improve collaboration.

Effortlessly communicate the details of all approved labour applications to your accounts team for payment.

Software for managing subcontractor workforce applications & payments

Maintain flexibility.

Work as you do now - price, measure and pay labour activities based on piece rate or day rate to suit your requirements.

Manage subcontractor labour applications with ease using Chalkstring software.

Manage numerous labour applications quickly.

Forget using spreadsheets, you can easily review, query and approve multiple subcontractor labour applications, at the same time, using one system. Ideal if you’re managing lots of subcontractors, Chalkstring enables you to filter your labour schedule by zone and/or activity to quickly find what you’re looking for.

And to simplify things even further, Chalkstring flags up when a new application is ready for approval and then, when you’re ready, automatically generates a payment certificate for your subcontractor detailing what’s been applied for and what’s been approved. It’s that simple.

Labour application & payment software for construction contractors paying subcontract labour.

Never overpay a subcontractor again.

With Chalkstring you can easily check that subcontractors aren’t overbooking work. It will automatically cross-check incoming labour applications against onsite progress and warn you if too much labour is being claimed or rates exceed budget figures.

And where you’ve got multiple subcontractors working on the same zone, it will automatically check that the combined total doesn’t exceed the contract measure. With Chalkstring, there’s no need to overpay on labour ever again.

Don’t drown in administration.

Chalkstring helps you to see who needs paying, produce detailed reports and interrogate critical data.

Always know your labour requirements.

Interrogate your labour budget at any time to instantly see total quantities by zone, payments to date, work-in-progress and the outstanding balance to completion. Always live, always up-to-date.

Relax, all your committed costs are included.

For precise reporting, Chalkstring will automatically allocate all work-in-progress labour as an accrued cost, until it’s been approved by you. Have a true picture of your real cost base at all times.

Benefit from a clear & accessible audit trail.

Chalkstring tracks all previous labour applications, approvals, certificates and payments for all subcontractors across all projects. Easily find out who was paid for what, and when.