Manage suppliers efficiently.
Improve your bottom line.

Chalkstring allows construction contractors to manage suppliers efficiently and improve the bottom line.

Get the most from your suppliers.

Chalkstring will streamline how you manage your suppliers, make you more efficient and ensure you use the most competitive pricing and receive accurate rebates.

Standardise processes.

Use one system to manage supplier information, quotes, orders and invoices.

Work smarter.

Save time when requesting quotes and placing orders.

Maximise margin.

Ensure you are getting the best prices and stay on top of your supplier rebates to ensure they’re accurate.

Everything in one place.

There’s no need to use multiple systems to manage suppliers. Chalkstring stores all necessary information relating to each supplier, from their material or labour inventory, to their contact details and latest pricing. You can view valid and past quotes, and pricing information relating to your own project and others your business is working on. What’s more, you can then request and receive updated quotes, and place orders using Chalkstring.


All the information you need is at hand. You can easily find and use the best pricing to maximise your margin.

Streamline supplier management.

Chalkstring has a seamless quote-to-invoice process, designed to help you standardise your procedures for managing suppliers.

Generating quote requests.

Requesting labour and material quotes is simple, as Chalkstring automatically generates quote requests in a standardised format. You can include material specifics and quantities, in order to receive more accurate pricing. And you can send the same quote request to multiple suppliers to obtain a range of competitive pricing, all at the click of a button.

Managing supplier quotes.

Because your suppliers complete the standardised quote request template provided by Chalkstring, it’s easy to upload quote information into your project instantly. You can define how long the quote is valid for and whether it’s specific to a certain project or not. And your colleagues can automatically access the same pricing for this or any other project they’re working on.

Placing orders & receiving invoices.

Chalkstring will produce standardised purchase orders for you to send to your supplier. These reference back to the supplier’s quote and contain detailed information relating to the material or labour order. And when an invoice is received, Chalkstring cross references both the quote and delivery notes to make approval, querying and payment easy.

Make suppliers work your way.

Managing numerous pricing spreadsheets from multiple suppliers can be a headache. With information in different formats and across several documents, it’s hard to cross-reference pricing and establish the cheapest quote quickly.

Chalkstring takes away the pain. Each quote request is automatically generated using Excel and is pre-formatted and locked to ensure your supplier can only edit their pricing and rebates. Suppliers then provide quotes in the same standardised format, which can then be uploaded into Chalkstring for immediate review and comparison with other supplier quotes.

Easily manage multiple supplier quotes and compare costs on a like-for-like basis to find the best price.

Supplement your bottom line with accurate supplier rebates.

While a finance system can tell you how much you’ve spent with any supplier, typically suppliers offer different rebates for various materials or tiered rebates based on project spend. Accurately calculating what’s owed can be complex without the cumulative and detailed order information. In reality, this often involves tedious manual work to verify that the rebate is correct, leaving you at the mercy of the supplier.

With Chalkstring you have the power. The software has a full audit trail of everything you’ve ordered, which you can share with your supplier. Forget wasting time searching for information and relying on your suppliers, you have the information at hand to ensure you’re paid what’s owed.

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