Place supplier orders easily.
Maximise efficiency.

Supplier purchase orders for construction contractors. Chalkstring allows contractors to place supplier orders easily and maximise efficiency.

Your complete purchase order system.

With Chalkstring you can order anything you need, at any time. Whether it’s materials, plant or contingency items, Chalkstring will help you to place accurate orders quickly, track deliveries and invoices, streamlining the process from start to finish.

What’s more, Chalkstring provides you with the data to understand your actual wastage and anticipated supplier rebates, as well as giving visibility of your committed costs accrued on the project in real-time.

Save time.

Centralise your supplier purchase orders and streamline your approval process.

Reduce waste.

Avoid over-ordering and only purchase what you need for the job, at the right time.

Make informed decisions.

Make decisions based on real-time accrued costs, making cashflow forecast more predictable.

Placing orders is easy.

Chalkstring has powerful features to help you place orders. Here are a few:

Order materials.

Information from your rate build ups and bill of quantities is used to help you order materials. You can view material specifics, such as the quantity, price and supplier quote reference. And it’s easy to order materials broken down by package and/or zone.

Order plant, equipment & fixed cost items.

On top of rateable items scoped within your project, you can use Chalkstring to procure anything else you need to deliver your project. And the cost can be allocated against your fixed cost or contingency budgets.

Round up or down.

Materials in Chalkstring are intelligent enough to know which pack sizes or pallet capacity they come in. So, when you are placing an order, Chalkstring will default to the nearest standard unit. You can round up or down to best suit your requirements and ensure what you order is what’s delivered.

Fill your basket.

Creating orders in Chalkstring is much like filling an online shopping basket. Simply add whatever you need to your draft order, over a period of time if necessary, and simply confirm when you’re ready to go.

Create a delivery schedule.

Ensure your deliveries arrive in the right place onsite. Chalkstring automatically generates a delivery schedule for all ordered materials, broken down by zones. This means the Site Manager can book crane time and ensure that the goods are distributed correctly around the site.

Generate automated orders.

Chalkstring automatically produces supplier purchase orders for you to send directly to your supplier. All orders are consistent, include all key information, and generated at the click of a button.

Order what you need, at the right time.

As Chalkstring knows your project programme, it helps you to order the right quantities of the right materials when needed. There’s no need to store large quantities of materials onsite as a buffer before they’re needed or incur costs too early.

Giving complete transparency, Chalkstring will highlight any over-ordering so that you can investigate the reasons for this. Over-ordering isn’t uncommon and could be a due to unforeseen project variations that have not been charged, possible rework, or even as a result of theft from site.

Using Chalkstring you have complete control ensuring you only order what is needed, at the right time.

Save time managing orders.

Avoid bottlenecks when it comes to placing orders. You can authorise your Site Managers or procurement team to place orders, as anyone with the appropriate user permission can access the same information within Chalkstring.

Chalkstring will automatically create separate orders for multiple suppliers, simultaneously. As you work through your requirements adding items to your basket, orders will be split out by supplier, enabling you to work quickly. And because Chalkstring keeps a full audit trail of what’s been ordered and delivered, you can speed up the accounts payable process.

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