Avoid duplicate data entry.
Maximise profit.

Post Tender Review for construction contractors. Chalkstring allows contractors to avoid duplicate data entry and to maximise profit.

Complete your post tender review in a fraction of the usual time.

Chalkstring provides a single platform for managing all stages of your construction project, from tender right through to final account. That’s why tender information flows seamlessly to the commercial team when a bid is secured. Whether it’s a remeasure or fixed price contract, you can quickly and painlessly refine the tender information further to increase profit margins.

Reuse tender data.

Reuse your valuable tender data, instead of re-keying it from scratch when the project starts onsite.

Maximise profit.

Drive your supplier pricing harder, using a simple and effective way to request new or improved quotes.

Forecast margin accurately.

Easily adjust the tender to reflect the real-world realities and produce more accurate projections.

Hit the ground running fast on new projects.

All the tender information created by the Estimator is available at the click of a button. There’s no need for your Quantity Surveyor to start again or to interpret someone else’s complex spreadsheets. Rate build ups, quantities and all other tender documentation is all there ready to use on the live project, improving communication between departments.

With Chalkstring, it’s the same product, same interface and same data. Spend time maximising project margin, instead of reproducing information.

Make your suppliers work harder for you.

Once your project is secured, maximising margin is key. You might want to squeeze your suppliers, request prices from a new supplier or Value Engineer part of the tender to find a more profitable solution.

In just a few clicks you can generate a quote request to send to suppliers. And when you receive your new pricing, you can apply it to your entire tender instantly and compare the overall revised costs and margins against the original tender.

With only a few minutes’ work in Chalkstring, you could make a dramatic impact on your margin.

See the impact of any amendments instantly.

Now you’re on site, easily adjust the tender information to reflect the actual project realities. You can remeasure, add or omit items, and make any necessary changes to your rate build ups and bills of quantities quickly.

With Chalkstring, you can see the effect any change has on the project margin instantly, and easily benchmark against the original tender. Plus, any changes automatically update throughout the entire project, meaning that material ordering balances and labour requirements will be updated accordingly.

Provide accurate and confident forecasts for your entire project.

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