Record progress in real-time.
Get paid in good time.

Record, control and justify progress.

Chalkstring enables you to keep up-to-date with progress accurately and effortlessly. You can track progress onsite and easily provide reports for substantiation. And because you’re using one integrated system to manage the entire project, every time you update Chalkstring with the latest progress, all your financial reports, applications and material balances update automatically.

Simplify progress reporting.

Automate the tedious task of recording project progress and avoid the need to search for and count any unused material onsite.

Get a 360° view of progress.

Stay on top of how your project is progressing – by package, product and zone – and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Minimise client queries.

Agree progress onsite with your client and then instantly send your application for payment with detailed reports to reduce any queries.

Record progress onsite at the touch of a button.

Managing progress can be a manual task, requiring the Quantity Surveyor to convert site data into multiple spreadsheets. With Chalkstring, you can record progress easily onsite. Simply walk around site with your tablet and drag the slider with your finger to input the percentage of work completed. And you can be even more accurate, as work is broken down by the various stages of build.

As soon as any adjustment is made, Chalkstring instantly calculates the value of installed material and labour, works out the balance of unused material onsite and updates your next application for payment.


Use Chalkstring to track and record progress in a unique and powerful way.

Get an aerial view of how your entire project is progressing.

If you use spreadsheets to manage progress, it’s difficult to get a real-time, aerial view of how your entire project is performing.

Chalkstring solves this problem. It provides a simple and graphical way to view the progress of your project at a glance, benchmarking site progress against both cost and time progress, so you can instantly see where you stand.

Chalkstring also breaks down progress by package, zone and product value, so you can understand progress visually in the context of what matters the most. And you can drill down further and see granular information relating to each individual product.

Easily focus on the key information to help you manage your project efficiently.

Easily substantiate applications for payment and labour applications.

Using Chalkstring you can export a detailed progress report to substantiate your application for payment in seconds. And because Chalkstring reports progress in granular detail, you’re less likely to have your application queried and you’re more likely to get paid faster.

The same applies to labour applications. Because Chalkstring manages progress in detail, you’ll know exactly what labour applications are expected. If labour applications don’t tally with the progress logged in Chalkstring, you can simply export the progress report and send it to your supplier, detailing why their application is in dispute.

Powerful features to make your life easier.

Chalkstring has other powerful features to help you manage progress. Here are just a few:

Progress grouping.

Save time when managing a high volume of work. Instead of updating progress of items individually, create progress groups which combine similar tasks, phases of work, or products into one group. It’s an easy and practical way to update progress when you have hundreds, if not thousands, of concurrent activities to manage.

Logging issues onsite.

It’s easy to log any issues, such snagging, as part of your progress updates within Chalkstring. You can identify an issue, assign it to a specific person to resolve and attach information such as photos and video files. All information relating to an issue is stored centrally for the project team to access, aiding collaboration and improving communication.

Real-time information.

Because Chalkstring manages progress in real-time, you always have the latest information at hand even if you’re not on site.

Have the reassurance of knowing the exact status of your project at any time, even if you have progress meetings sprung on you.

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