Real-time reporting.
True business intelligence.

Real time reporting for construction contractors with true business intelligence using Chalkstring.

Use real-time insight to guide business decisions.

Chalkstring has powerful reporting capabilities, enabling you review each project at a high level and drill into detail if you wish. Understand how your projects are performing and make informed business decisions with Chalkstring.

Understand the cost-to-complete.

Know exactly how much revenue and margin your project will make every second of every day.

Make informed decisions.

Use real-time information to reassure you that your project is on track or to help identify and deal with roadblocks.

Plan cashflow accurately.

Easily predict margin and plan cashflow based on your committed costs and expected revenues.

Forecast the outcome of your project in real-time.

If you’re like many contractors, you’ll often only know whether a project has delivered the target profit levels once the project has completed. With Chalkstring, this need never happen again.

Chalkstring gives you real-time visibility of your cost-to-complete, including those liabilities that you’re committed to that haven’t hit your accounts team yet. Detailed reporting enables you to monitor the costs you’re going to incur, expected revenue and forecasted margin. And you can easily track the real-life projections against your original tender expectations and forecasts.

There’s no need to collate information from multiple sources to produce reports. Simply use one system to give you insight into accurate, real-time information, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Easily see how your project is progressing at any time.

Keep your project on track by viewing dashboards that monitor your project’s key performance indicators in real-time. Giving you a high-level view, Chalkstring displays performance in terms of progress, cost and time, so you can see at a glance if things are going as planned. There’s no need for maths or paperwork, all the information you need is in an easy-to-digest format.

Chalkstring’s interactive reporting means you can also drill down fast and gain further insight into how each package is performing at a granular level.

Easily analyse how your project is performing and identify roadblocks quickly. With all the information at your fingertips, Chalkstring takes the guesswork out of project analysis.

Use powerful insights to help run your business.

Powerful reporting tools enable you to manage your business and cash flow from an informed position. Using Chalkstring you can review the performance of every project running across your business, individually or collectively. You can easily identify projects that are overrunning on schedule or budget, enabling you take corrective action before it’s too late.

And because you know exactly what costs, revenue and margin to expect from each project in real-time, you can manage business financials, such as cash flow, with more accuracy and confidence.

Plus, there’s a cherry on the pie. There’s no need to spend hours manually compiling traditional Cost Value Reconciliations for your monthly reports. Using Chalkstring you can report on your projects in detail using real-time information, giving you confidence and saving you time.

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