One intelligent software package for progress, valuations & payment applications.

Remove the burden of onsite financial admin with Chalkstring.

Easily produce valuations & payment applications with Chalkstring software

Visualise progress of your projects at any time.

Always know how each of your contracts is progressing using easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Valuation software for Quantity Surveyors recording progress and valuations.

Instantly generate valuations & payment applications.

Save time by automatically producing valuations and payment applications, ready for submission to your client.

Manage progress & valuations on your construction projects easily with Chalkstring software.

Keep track of your certified figures.

Record certified values, store payless notices and review updated project financials instantly.

See progress instantly & generate an automated valuation for your construction project

Record onsite progress on-the-go.

Simply update progress as you walk around site inspecting the project. Chalkstring does all the hard work for you, instantly calculating your valuation, including installed material and labour, work in progress and unused material onsite. All supported, of course, by detailed progress reports to share with your client, so you’re more likely to have your applications certified.

And you can see the project status at a glance, with interactive dashboards displaying progress by zone/product and benchmarking overall progress against cost and programme, so you can quickly identify how things are performing.

Manage valuations on your construction projects easily with interim valuation software like Chalkstring

Manage valuations & generate payment applications in seconds.

Valuations include all the detail you need, breaking down progress for each package, product, phase and zone into both contract scope and variations. When you’re ready, Chalkstring will generate your entire application for payment in seconds, with the same level of detail, ready to send to your client.

And when the certified figures and/or payment notices are received, just add them into your project and Chalkstring will update all reports to reflect these certified values. Reduce the risk of error by using one system to manage and store both applications and certifications.

Save time by automating painstaking and tedious tasks.

Work faster and be more accurate by swapping spreadsheets and disconnected systems with Chalkstring.

Have materials onsite calculated automatically .

Why waste time hunting around site and manually counting materials when Chalkstring can do it for you? Because Chalkstring knows what materials you’ve ordered, what’s been delivered and what’s been used, it always knows what materials are unused onsite. This is automatically included in the payment application, together with a breakdown for substantiation.

Generate detailed payment applications without any hassle.

Chalkstring does the detailed reporting for you. Each application for payment automatically includes a high-level summary, as well as granular detail on progress and costs for each package and item of work, including all variations. Plus, on remeasure contracts, it will compare current measures against the original tender and highlight any differences.

Control large volumes of project data with ease.

Make life easier when managing big projects. Instead of updating progress of items individually, create progress groups which combine similar tasks, phases of work, or products into one group. It’s an easy and practical way to update progress on larger projects when you’ve got hundreds, or even thousands, of concurrent activities to manage on site.