Find the best solution for your client.
Find the best solution for you.

Value Engineer the most cost-effective option.

You’re in business to make money, so you’ll want to maximise your profit margin, while delivering your client a high-quality solution that meets their specification. With Chalkstring, it’s easy to do both. You can quickly and easily Value Engineer by swapping and comparing alternative options to find the best solution that is attractive to both you and your client.

Value Engineer quickly.

Compare supplier pricing, products, materials and brands easily, using a centralised database of materials and quotes.

Deliver the optimum solution.

Establish the most cost-effective solution to secure the project and keep your client happy.

Maximise margin.

Achieve the best margin possible for undertaking the project, by working your suppliers hard.

Shop around on price.

It’s easy to shop around for more competitive prices with Chalkstring. You can either search the Chalkstring database for a more competitive quote, or quickly generate and send the same quote request to multiple suppliers. And importing the new pricing is fast too. Simply upload the new quotes and apply them to your project instantly, with the option to only to apply a price if it’s cheaper and can offer you a saving.

Using Chalkstring, it’s simple and efficient to Value Engineer on price. You can pick and choose from a range of suppliers to find the cheapest overall pricing to meet your client’s specification.

Value Engineer materials, products and brands.

With Chalkstring you can quickly swap out materials, products and brands to see the impact on overall price. You can try cheaper alternatives, non-branded items or different products and see instantly how the tender pricing changes and make it more likely to be awarded the project.

Quickly find a cheaper solution and maximise your project margin.

Compare options side by side.

Instantly compare alternative options and review the key differences. For each option, Chalkstring will break down the projected costs, overhead and profit side by side, so you can see exactly where you’re making savings.

With Chalkstring, you can truly Value Engineer to find the best solution. The side by side comparisons help you to make an informed decision on which products, materials and brands to use. And because creating alternatives for comparison is fast, it takes no time at all to decide which is the best solution to go with.

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