Value engineer a win/win solution in a few clicks.

You’re in business to make money while delivering your client a high-quality solution. With Chalkstring, it’s easy to do both.

Value engineer pricing, products & brands.

Easily compare alternative options.

Quickly value engineer by assessing different suppliers, products and brands side-by-side, using a central database of materials and quotes.

Value engineering software

Quickly achieve the best solution.

Minimise effort to establish the most cost-effective solution to win the project and keep your client happy, whilst ensuring good margin.

Construction value engineering software

Maximise your profit margins.

Ensure your project delivers the best margins possible, particularly once you've secured the contract and have handed it to your commercial team.

An example of Value engineering in Chalkstring software

Value engineer on price.

It’s easy to shop around for more competitive prices with Chalkstring. You can either select your most competitive quote from the Chalkstring database, or quickly generate and send a new quote request to multiple suppliers.

And importing pricing is fast too. Simply upload the new quotes and apply them to your project instantly, with the option to only to apply a price if it’s cheaper and can offer you a saving. Don’t just rely on your standard list prices from one supplier, use Chalkstring to push for a better deal.

Value engineer on your construction projects

Quickly apply project-specific pricing.

Using Chalkstring, it’s easy to negotiate and apply project-specific pricing at any time, either during estimating or post-contract when you’re onsite.

Simply send the material bill generated by Chalkstring to your supplier and then apply the new pricing to your project in one go. And as you’d expect, everything updates immediately, instantly giving you a revised picture of your projected costs and margins.

Value engineering just got faster. A lot faster.

Forget fiddling around with different spreadsheets to make comparisons, use a single integrated system that does it for you.

Easily swap out & compare products.

As Chalkstring contains all your products and pricing within a single database, it means live data is always at your fingertips. You can quickly value engineer, swapping out and trying alternative items such as different brands or even unbranded products, for instant comparisons.

Generate multiple options.

Provide your client with multiple options to review. Simply copy your tender and make the changes you want to the new assessment, and Chalkstring will update all your documentation in seconds. Every version is saved, meaning you’ll never accidently overwrite previous versions.

Quickly reprice to drive up margins.

Once the contract has been secured, all the tender information is automatically available to your commercial team. They can then quickly re-price, negotiate and apply project-specific pricing, and allocate revised suppliers to each material to make yet further savings.