Manage variations faster – from anywhere, at any time.

Easily deal with variations and manage everything from pricing rate build ups right through to applications for payment - whilst all the time giving your entire project team full visibility.

Price variations quickly for your construction projects.

Deal with changes faster.

Automate time-consuming and error-prone processes & manage variations quicker than ever before.

Software for project variations

Communicate more clearly.

Share project changes across your team so that everyone who needs to know, is in the know.

Easily manage variation orders in construction contracts.

Improve your bottom line.

Ensure every variation is managed efficiently and delivers the maximum profit for your business.

Manage variation orders with ease on your construction

Make light work of project variations.

Whether you’re adding or omitting contract scope or pricing up new work, handling variations is fast and easy. Simply use Chalkstring’s database of supplier quotes to cost the work and automatically produce rate build ups for your client’s approval.

Once the variation order is received, just add it to the live project and everything updates instantly, including projected costs, margin and revenue, plus the materials quantities and applications for payment. Then just select which supplier will give you the best buying price to maximum profit yet further.

Report key financials for each variation including revenue, cost and margin

Real-time reporting for all variations.

Chalkstring knows that any additional work outside the contract scope is a variation and provides live reporting on its cost, revenue and margin. You can drill into the detail for each variation at a granular level, as well as review the total value of all variations across the project, their value in relation to contract scope and their overall profitability.

And because you’re using a single integrated system, all variations automatically link to your valuation and payment applications, so there’s no additional administration required, and you’ll never forget to charge for another variation again.

Transform how you manage project changes.

Streamline your processes by using one system for managing your entire construction project, from start to end, including onsite changes.

Manage change on-the-fly.

Never miss a variation again. There’s no need to make handwritten notes on the back of a fag packet when onsite. Or worse, forgetting you’ve completed a variation, only to realise you haven't charged for it. Easily log changes and price up new work on-the-go.

Ensure consistent pricing.

With Chalkstring’s pricing database you can always see what you've quoted previously. And to make life even easier, you can apply the same price in bulk across your rate build ups for consistency. Never get caught out charging different amounts for the same item again.

Improve collaboration.

Because you’re using one integrated system, everybody can see the variations. Your site manager can see what’s changed and reschedule work accordingly, your buyer can order the right materials, and your accounts team can easily reconcile the order.