Deliver profitable variations.

Variations for construction contractors. Chalkstring allows contractors to delver profitable variations effortlessly.

Manage change faster.

Chalkstring will revolutionise how you manage variations. Using one system you can easily and confidently deal with all variations and manage the entire process from rate build up for substantiation, right through to application for payment. Whilst all the time keeping the project team fully informed of the changes.

Manage variations faster.

Replace frustrating and time consuming manual processes with automation and manage variations quicker than ever.

Aid better communication.

Share project changes across your entire project team easily so that everyone who needs to be, is in the know.

Improve your bottom line.

Ensure every variation is managed efficiently and delivers the maximum profit for your business.

Make variations more profitable.

With its many in-built checks and balances, Chalkstring ensures nothing will slip through the net. Any additional work outside your current contract scope is immediately flagged and you have the tools to quickly price and substantiate your variation claims to your client.

Because of its “apply to all” functionality, Chalkstring ensures you always provide consistent pricing information, ensuring fewer variations get challenged. Once agreed with your client and added to the project, variation data instantly and automatically cascades throughout all aspects of the project, including material ordering, applications and real-time reporting.

Transform the way you handle variations and maximise profits.

Effortless variations? Yes, really.

Managing variations effectively, and the associated ramifications, is generally a manual and time-consuming task. And given that variations are often urgent, you’re always under pressure to provide pricing fast and get the work underway. This results in variations often actually costing your business time and money, rather than being an additional source of profit.

Chalkstring takes away the pain. Whether you’re at your desk or on site, you can handle the entire process – from pricing, to ordering materials and labour, to applying for payment – on-the-fly.

Price changes quickly.

Pricing variations is a fast process, regardless of whether you’re adjusting contract scope due to add/omit or costing out new work. You can access all your supplier quotes to create your rate build up quickly. And when you’re done, simply export your rate build up to Excel and send it to your client for acceptance.

Easily manage variations.

Once your client has instructed the work, you can add the variation to your live project instantly. Chalkstring will automatically cross reference materials and labour required for the variation against your live buying prices and apply them to establish the true variation costing.

All the rest of the project instantly updates, including the costs, margins and revenue, the material ordering balances and the labour requirements. And because the project team uses one system, the Site Manager can easily see what’s been changed and reschedule work accordingly.

Easily see how variations impact your project.

All additional work added when on site is automatically tagged as a variation and reported separately to the contract scope. This means that financial reports break out variations, enabling you to monitor their value and overall percentage of the project, along with the cumulative profitability for the variations work.

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