Increase margin on each project.
Build a more profitable business.

Chalkstring for Business Owners and Directors.

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Forecast cash flow and profits with more certainty.

Chalkstring gives you real-time visibility of your cost-to-complete, including those liabilities that you’re committed to that haven’t hit your accounts team yet. Detailed reporting enables you to monitor the costs you’re going to incur, expected revenue and forecasted margin. And you can easily track the real-life projections against your original tender expectations and forecasts.


Using Chalkstring you can review the performance of every project running across your business, individually or collectively. This makes it easy to identify projects that are overrunning on schedule or budget, enabling you take corrective action before it’s too late. And because you know exactly what costs, revenue and margin to expect from each project in real-time, you can manage business financials, such as cash flow, with more accuracy and confidence.

Know in real-time how every project is performing.

Keep your projects on track by viewing dashboards that monitor each project’s key performance indicators in real-time. Giving you a high-level view, Chalkstring displays performance in terms of progress, cost and time, so you can see at a glance if things are on track. There’s no need for maths or paperwork, all the information you need is in an easy-to-digest format.

Chalkstring’s interactive reporting means you can also drill down fast and gain further insight into how each package is performing at a granular level.

Easily analyse how your projects are performing and identify roadblocks quickly. With all the information at your fingertips, Chalkstring takes the guesswork out of project analysis.

Deliver more margin with Chalkstring.

Buy at the best price.

Chalkstring is designed to help contractors deliver profitable projects, which is why we give you the tools to negotiate hard and maximise margin. We make it simple to obtain multiple quotes from numerous suppliers and to compare pricing at a glance. And because Chalkstring keeps a full audit trail of everything you’ve ordered, you can share order history with your supplier to ensure there is no guesswork when it comes to getting the correct rebates.

Value Engineer to maximise margin.

With Chalkstring, you can easily establish the most cost-effective solution to secure the project and keep your client happy. Using a centralised database of materials and supplier quotes, you can quickly Value Engineer by comparing pricing, products, materials and brands to find the ideal solution that is attractive to both you and your client.

Streamline processes & increase efficiency.

Use one centralised system.

Avoid having multiple systems and data silos. Use one platform for managing all the financial and operational information relating to all your projects.

Automate manual processes.

Save time and streamline processes by speeding up or automating time-consuming tasks, such as procurement, recording progress and generating applications.

Make variations more profitable.

Incorporate project variations easily and profitably at any stage of the contract. Ensure that everybody who needs to know, is in the know.

Improve collaboration.

Avoid the need for continual fact-finding phone calls and empower your on and off-site teams to collaborate and work more productively.

Reduce risk.

Remove information silos, reduce reliance on disjointed and error-prone spreadsheets, and ensure business critical information is at hand, as and when needed.

Minimise waste.

Improve the accuracy of your waste allowances, avoid over-ordering and always know what material is unused and available onsite.

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