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Chalkstring for Estimators.

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Save time. Create more bids. Win more work.

There’s no need to spend hours crunching the numbers for each bid. Because Chalkstring houses all your materials, labour requirements and supplier quotes, you can easily iterate and produce informed tender documents, including product descriptions, rate build ups, bill of quantities, prelims and adjustments. And because Chalkstring is designed to help you maximise margin and work efficiently, you can request and manage quotes from multiple suppliers simultaneously, re-use past tenders and Value Engineer to get the most cost-effective solution for you and your client. Simplify the estimating process, minimise errors, produce accurate and competitive bids and win more jobs.

Do your job faster with Chalkstring

When it comes to producing tenders, Chalkstring’s packed with powerful features to help you produce accurate and competitive bids quickly.

Save time managing quotes

With Chalkstring, you can access a wide range of products, materials, services and prices, including valid supplier quotes and historical pricing from real projects to help build your tender. And it’s easy to shop around for competitive prices. You can quickly generate standardised quote requests and send the same request for pricing to multiple suppliers. And importing the new pricing is fast too. Simply upload the new quotes and apply them to your rate build up instantly.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Standardise your documentation and save time by using a library of commonly used product templates that are specific to your business. You can re-use or edit these templates and create your own new templates ‘on-the-fly’ before defining your rate build up and bill of quantities. And we go even further. You can break down your products into build phases and your project into zones to help manage the project onsite. Save time pricing up work.

Make a change and review the impact instantly

Forget using unconnected systems and multiple spreadsheets. Chalkstring is a single platform that manages the entire estimating process. All tender information is seamlessly linked, whether it’s your rate build ups, bill of quantities, preliminaries or adjustments. Make any change and it will instantly filter through the whole tender so you can immediately see the effect. Make pricing decisions confidently.

Control costs accurately

Easily control what allowances to make for overheads, profit, inflation, main contractor discount and any other adjustments. Chalkstring will calculate your tender pricing accordingly and breakdown the various component parts within the tender documents. And because Chalkstring stores real-life information from past projects, it can guide you on how much to allow for waste or contingency. Set your margin expectations from the outset, with confidence.

Value Engineer for the best result

Quickly shop around to secure the best pricing from different suppliers. Generate quote requests and import pricing at a click of a button, and easily swap out materials, products and brands to see the impact on the overall price. And you can easily compare different options side-by-side to see the impact on the tender pricing and margin instantly. Price competitively to ensure you win the project.

Handover over projects with ease

There’s no need for lengthy handovers with the site team when you win a job. All the tender information is available to the project team at the click of a button. Your rate build ups, quantities and all other tender documentation is all there ready to use on the live project. Save time and enhance communication with your colleagues.

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