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Chalkstring for Finance and Administration professionals.

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Save time managing project information.

Chalkstring takes CRM one step further and manages your entire project financials from tender to final account, as well as information on your clients, projects, suppliers, subcontractors and operatives.

You can store and control important compliance information, such as risk assessment method statements, insurance details and work permits. And managing and retrieving project documentation, such as drawings & specifications, is a breeze. What’s more, because your entire project team uses the same system, you can easily access quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices. All at the touch of a button.

Forget using spreadsheets and multiple systems. Save time by using one system to manage business-critical information.

Reconcile invoices quickly.

Know exactly what’s happening with every order. Using Chalkstring, you have total visibility of what’s been ordered, from which supplier, by whom and when, along with an order reference number.

And because the team onsite logs deliveries using Chalkstring, you can see if a delivery has been supplied in part or full, making it easier to reconcile invoices.

If the information on the order, delivery note and invoice all match, you can approve the invoice without needing to talk to site. And if they don’t match, you simply query the invoice in Chalkstring, automatically marking it for the attention of the Site Manager.

Work more cohesively with your teams onsite and spend less time reconciling invoices.

Manage payment approval and certification with ease.

Using Chalkstring you can use one system to make applications for payment, record certified values and store payment notices.

Because your project team uses the same system, it’s easy to collaborate. When payment certifications are added to Chalkstring, you will see exactly what funds to expect and from which client.

Equally, when the Quantity Surveyor approves a labour application, the information flows seamlessly to your accounts team, letting you know a payment is due. Plus, Chalkstring automatically generates the corresponding payment certificate, saving you time.

Streamline your processes, avoid having numerous fact-finding phone calls and maximise efficiency.

Produce financial reports faster.

Finance and admin teams often spend hours collating cost information, from multiple sources, for Cost Value Reconciliation and to produce board reports. With Chalkstring, you can alleviate this time-consuming task.

Chalkstring gives you real-time visibility of your cost-to-complete, reporting on the costs you’re going to incur, expected revenue and forecasted margin. And you can easily track the real-life projections against your original expectations and forecasts, to help inform cashflow.

Plus, there’s a cherry on the pie. There’s no need to spend hours manually compiling traditional Cost Value Reconciliations. Using Chalkstring you can report on your projects in detail using real-time information, giving you confidence and saving you time.

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