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Chalkstring for Procurement professionals.

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Buy at the best price.

Chalkstring is designed to help contractors deliver profitable projects. That’s why we give you the tools to negotiate hard and maximise margin.

We make it simple to obtain multiple quotes from numerous suppliers and to compare pricing at a glance. And you can work fast. Because your business uses one system for managing the entire project, all the products, materials, labour activities, rate build ups and bills of quantities are at your fingertips.

What’s more, once you’ve secured your competitive quotes, placing orders couldn’t be simpler or quicker with Chalkstring’s end-to-end purchase order system.

Save time, negotiate hard and save your company money.

Use one system to manage suppliers.

There’s no need to use multiple systems to manage suppliers. Chalkstring stores all the necessary information relating to each supplier, from their material or labour inventory, to their contact details and latest pricing. You can view valid and past quotes, and pricing information relating to all the projects your business in involved with.


What’s more, you can create a pre-formatted automated quote request, making it simple to upload supplier pricing instantly and compare options. And, you can send the same quote request to multiple suppliers to obtain a range of competitive pricing, all at the click of a button.


Have all the information at hand to negotiate well.

Place orders quickly and easily.

Order anything you need, at any time. Whether it’s materials, plant or contingency items, Chalkstring helps you to place accurate orders quickly.

Chalkstring produces standardised purchase orders, that reference back to the supplier’s quote and contain information relating to the material or labour order. And to make life easier, Chalkstring automatically creates separate orders for multiple suppliers, simultaneously.

As you add items to your basket, orders will be split out by supplier, enabling you to work quickly. Chalkstring then keeps a full audit trail of what’s been ordered and delivered, so you can speed up the accounts payable process.

Use one streamlined system to place orders easily

Make sure your supplier rebates are accurate.

Accurately calculating what rebates are owed can be complex without the cumulative and detailed order information. And it’s even harder when there are different rebates for various materials or tiered rebates based on project spend. In reality, calculating rebates often involves tedious manual work to verify that the rebate is correct, leaving you at the mercy of the supplier.

With Chalkstring you have the power. The software has a full audit trail of everything you’ve ordered, which you can share with your supplier. Forget wasting time searching for information and relying on your suppliers, you have the information at hand to ensure you’re paid what’s owed.

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