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Chalkstring for Quantity Surveyors & Commercial Managers.

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Revolutionise how you work.

Designed specifically to make construction projects more efficient and profitable, you can use Chalkstring to price, manage and control all financial and operational aspects of your project, including materials, plant and labour.

There’s no need for multiple systems or complex spreadsheets, as you have everything at hand to control and track project costs within Chalkstring. It speeds up and automates manual processes, ensures your project team works off the same centralised information and tells you in real-time your cost-to-complete.

Knowledge is power. Using Chalkstring, you and your project teams can identify and resolve issues before they arise, mitigate against costly risk and maximise margin

Chalkstring will make your life easier in an instant.

Onsite administration is often repetitive and iterative. Chalkstring takes away the pain and speeds up these processes, enabling you to focus on margin and project delivery, rather than being bogged down in paperwork.

Value Engineer to maximise margin.

Whether you’re doing your post tender review or pricing up a variation, you can quickly shop around to secure the best pricing from different suppliers. Generate quote requests and import pricing quickly, and easily swap out materials, products and brands to see the impact on the overall price. And you can easily compare different options side-by-side to see the impact on the revenue and margin instantly. Price competitively and ensure you maximise margin.

Easily manage variations quicker than ever before.

Replace frustrating and time consuming manual processes with automation and manage variations quicker than ever before. You can price up a variation fast, request instruction and add the variation to your live project instantly. Chalkstring then updates the rest of the project immediately, including the costs, margins and revenue, alongside the material ordering balances and the labour requirements. There’s no need for you to do anything.

Keep up-to-date with progress accurately & effortlessly.

Track and agree progress onsite with your client and immediately generate your application for payment, along with detailed reports to substantiate your claim. Chalkstring’s ideal for reducing queries and getting paid faster.

And because you’re using one integrated system to manage the entire project, every time you update Chalkstring with the latest progress, the software automatically updates all your financial reports, applications and material balances. No manual intervention required.

Control costs at every step.

With Chalkstring, you have complete control and visibility of your costs at every stage of the project, from applying margin, main contractor discounts and adjustments to placing orders and managing variations.

Chalkstring gives you real-time visibility of your cost-to-complete, including those costs that you’re committed to that haven’t hit your accounts team yet. Detailed reporting enables you to monitor the costs you’re going to incur, expected revenue and forecasted margin. And you can easily track the real-life projections against your original expectations and forecasts.


Sleep easily at night knowing you’re in complete control of your project.

Forget rework, tedious administration & time-consuming tasks.

Revolutionise your post tender review.

Reuse valuable tender data, drive supplier pricing hard, easily adjust your tender to reflect the real-world realities and forecast project margin accurately.

Streamline how you manage suppliers.

Use one system to manage supplier quotes and orders, and to streamline your invoice approval process. Plus, ensure you get the best pricing and accurate rebates.

Process certifications & applications quickly.

Remove manual processes by using a single system to manage progress, interim valuations, applications and certifications for both client and subcontractors.

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