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Stay in complete control of your project, at every step.

Chalkstring is designed to help you run successful projects. It will revolutionise how you manage variations, meaning you know what’s happening at all times, even with an ever-changing contract scope. And it gives you to the tools to know exactly how every aspect of your project is progressing in real-time. Chalkstring will also automate and speed up tedious and repetitive tasks, such as placing orders and managing deliveries and invoices. And you’ll find it easier to maximise productivity across your team, as you can share project information easily and reduce downtime onsite. Let Chalkstring help you to deliver successful projects, on time and on budget.

Order what you need, at the right time

Because you’re using one system to run your entire project, Chalkstring knows your project programme and will help you to request quotes and order the right quantities of the right materials when needed. There’s no need to store large quantities of materials onsite as a buffer before they’re needed or incur costs too early. And when you’re ready to place orders, it’s simple. Chalkstring automatically produces supplier purchase orders for you to send directly to your supplier, and it easily handles multiple orders with multiple suppliers. All orders are consistent, include all key information, and are generated at the click of a button. Save time placing orders.

Log deliveries easily. Approve invoices fast.

When a delivery arrives onsite, you can log it easily and add a photo of the delivery ticket. Plus, because you created a delivery schedule in Chalkstring when you placed your order, you can ensure the items are distributed across the site as originally planned. And invoice approval is fast too. If the information on the order, delivery note and invoice all match, the accounts team can approve the invoice without needing to talk to you. If they don’t match, accounts simply mark the invoice for your attention in Chalkstring, for you to respond to when you’re ready. Chalkstring removes the admin burden, freeing you up to focus on your project.

Keep up-to-date with progress effortlessly.

Because Chalkstring manages progress in real-time, you can rest easy knowing that you have the latest information at hand, even when a progress meeting is sprung on you. With Chalkstring, you walk around site with your tablet and drag the slider with your finger to input the percentage of work completed. The software will automatically break down progress by package, product and zone for use at progress meetings and provide a report to use with your application for payment. Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone. Easily log issues at the same time as recording progress and assign them to the relevant teams to resolve. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Easily manage variations quicker than ever before.

Replace frustrating manual processes with automation and manage variations quicker than ever before. You can price up a variation fast, request instruction and add the approved variation to your live project instantly. Chalkstring then updates the rest of the project immediately, including the material ordering balances and the labour requirements. And because your project team is using one system, everyone knows exactly what’s going on. You can see when a variation has been approved and can order materials and schedule labour in the confidence that everything has been signed off. Know what’s happening at all times, even with an ever-changing contract scope.

Other ways Chalkstring can make your life easier

Use tender data to inform your live project.

Tender data is passed to an onsite project seamlessly. Easily review the tender documentation and gain a clear understanding of the project you’ll be managing.

Access up-to-date compliance information.

Have important legal documentation at hand relating to your operatives and suppliers, such as work permits, CSCS cards and insurance paperwork.

Process labour applications quickly.

Chalkstring makes it quick and easy to process labour applications and substantiate what each subcontractor will be paid. Reduce financial queries onsite from your suppliers.

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