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Construction procurement software

Streamline procurement

  • Use one system for all purchases, deliveries & invoices
  • Eliminate ordering materials based on gut feel & paying suppliers on trust
  • Easily analyse budgets, spend, accruals & rebates, using real-time reports
Software for construction procurement

Does this sound familiar?

Orders are often stored in carbon copy pads, spreadsheets and emails. It's difficult to see what orders have been placed and for which zone. 

Reconciling invoices is time-consuming. It's not easy to see what's been ordered and delivered. There are many fact-finding calls between teams.

We use accounting software to generate cost versus budget reports but they are a month behind.

We sometimes over-order as a fail safe, just so we don't run out of materials.

Supplier invoices are sometimes paid on blind trust, so we don't know if we're overpaying.

 Without real-time data, it's hard to plan cash flow and this puts us at risk.


Chalkstring can help. 

Use one system

Place orders

Create automated purchase orders, based on your project scope.


Log delivery notes

Upload delivery notes right into Chalkstring.

Reconcile invoices

Easily reconcile invoices against orders and deliveries.

Analyse spend

Interrogate cost data in real-time.

Construction procurement - Material bill

Use a live pricing database

  • Access all pricing within your personalised database
  • Easily handle price increases
  • Update pricing across your project quickly
Construction procurement - Log delivery

Easily create orders & log deliveries

  • Draw down from a live material bill, based on your project scope
  • Eliminate over-ordering and ordering based on 'gut feel'
  • Easily create orders for 'out of scope' items
  • Generate automated purchase orders
  • Know what will be delivered and when, with real-time delivery schedules
  • Quickly upload delivery notes into Chalkstring

Brebur wouldn't go back to their old procurement systems. See why.

Watch this video and see why Jenna Brailsford, Procurement Manager, now has a seamless procurement process. Hear where they started and how the whole team has benefited from using a single system. Site Managers, Buyers and Accounts are all much happier.

Construction procurement - Invoicing

Save time processing invoices

  • See the status of every order, delivery & invoice in real-time
  • Let Chalkstring cross-check the invoice against ordered & delivered quantities
  • Easily identify if an invoice should be approved or queried
  • Reduce internal invoice queries
Construction procurement - Analyse spend and budget

Analyse procurement data

  • Generated detailed procurement reports
  • View accruals in real-time , so you know what you owe
  • Review tender versus live projections
  • Generate supplier & manufacturer rebate reports
  • Interrogate & analyse spend history

With Chalkstring you will:


Manage your entire procurement process in one system.


Connect your site and office teams by using one standardised process for procurement.


Easily generate and interrogate procurement reports.

What people say

Jamie Brenton, Brebur Ltd

“Chalkstring has prevented us from losing money on jobs. We have far more visibility and control of our costs. We pay our suppliers based truth and not trust, as we know exactly what we should be paying.”


Jamie Brenton
Managing Director | Brebur Ltd

Craig Scott, SCS Building Solutions

"Our purchase orders and delivery notes are all in Chalkstring. When invoices are received they are cross-checked quickly against the order & delivered quantities and paid, with minimal input from the site teams."


Craig Scott
Commercial Director | SCS Building Solutions

Gemma Holmes, Brebur Ltd

"Internal invoice queries have reduced by 95%. Monthly internal invoice queries have dropped from 20 to 1 because everyone can see what was ordered, delivered and invoiced. Our team is happier because there is less admin."


Gemma Holmes
Purchase Ledger Clerk | Brebur Ltd

See Chalkstring for yourself

Webinar - How to streamline construction procurement

How to streamline procurement, like a construction pro

We'll discuss the issues subcontractors face when managing orders, deliveries and invoices. See why Chalkstring offers the best solution.

Procurement is just one of Chalkstring's many features

Chalkstring is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for estimating, procurement, cost reporting and more. Developed for specialist subcontractors, it streamlines how your entire team manages project financials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account.


See Chalkstring for yourself