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Software for variations in construction

Never miss a variation again

  • Capture, price & communicate all variations using one seamless process
  • See the impact of variations on materials, labour & financial projections
  • Manage, report & analyse both chargeable and non-recoverable variations
Construction software for variations

Does this sound familiar?

There isn't a standardised format for applying pricing or margin to a variation. It’s caught us out with our client, as we can be inconsistent.

We run onsite projects in multiple spreadsheets. It’s hard to keep information up to date and visible to the team.

Project pressures often mean we have to do the variation before works are costed. We lose the bargaining power once the works are done.


Chalkstring can help. 

How it works

Communicate internally

Record the variation request in Chalkstring, for the project team to see. Provide details of the materials and labour required.

Price the variation

Price the variation, using your personalised database of rate build ups and pricing. Export and send the substantiation to your client.

Deliver the works

On instruction, add the quantities and Chalkstring will update the material & labour bills, enabling you to complete the works.

Report & analyse data

Have the variation automatically appear in the your next application. And see impact of the variation on your project financials.
Price and manage variations with construction cost management software

Work efficiently & maximise profit

  • Log variations on the go, sharing information with the project team in real-time
  • Easily handle add and omit, chargeable and non-recoverable variations
  • Cost variations retrospectively, when works have already been completed
  • Price your variation quickly, using your personalised database of rates and pricing
  • Use contract rates or maximise profit with Chalkstring
  • Price consistently and provide robust substantiation, resulting in client approval first time
  • Have the requirements appear in the material and labour bills immediately
Variations software for construction

See the commercial impact, instantly

  • Review the impact of the variation on the projected costs, margin and revenue easily
  • Identify scope that was missed missed during tendering, to improve future estimates
  • Analyse the different types of variations and establish which are the most & least profitable

See how Chalkstring has transformed managing variations

Craig Scott, from SCS, and Sam Jackson, from Brebur, explain how they manage variations efficiently.

With Chalkstring you will:


Use one system to capture, price, communicate and report on variations.


Standardise internal processes and price variations consistently.


Easily see the impact of each variation on project performance.

See Chalkstring for yourself

What people say

Craig Scott, Commercial Director, SCS Building Solutions

"Using Chalkstring, we price variations consistently in relation to the rest of the project. Many variations are similar so we can tweak previous rate build ups in Chalkstring, to create a price. We export detailed substantiation to justify the variation and this enables us to maintain a trusting relationship with our clients."


Craig Scott
Commercial Director | SCS Building Solutions

Sam Jackson, Quantity Surveyor, Brebur Ltd

"The entire team can see the list of variations. We price them quickly & provide substantiation to our client. Once approved, the costs/margins are automatically accounted for in the project commercials. And the materials appear in the bill, ready for the procurement team to purchase."


Sam Jackson
Quantity Surveyor | Brebur Ltd

Webinar - Introducing Cost Information Management (CIM)

Introducing CIM - Cost Information Management

We explore the Cost Information Management (CIM) framework in which project financials are managed, shared and reported on in real-time throughout the project lifecycle.

Variations is just one of Chalkstring's many features

Chalkstring is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for estimating, procurement, cost reporting and more. Developed for specialist subcontractors, it streamlines how your entire team manages project financials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account.

Chalkstring feature overview

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