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Takeoff and estimating software for construction

Integrated Takeoff, that's easy to use

  • Easily import drawings and take measures
  • Seamlessly link quantities to your tenders & live projects
  • Mark up drawings with sketches & comments
Chalkstring takeoff software - counts and lines

Does this sound familiar?

Takeoff is done manually, in software or spreadsheets, so you waste time copying quantities to your estimates.

Project drawings are stored in personal folders or shared drives, making them hard to access remotely or by a wider team.

It's difficult to keep track of drawing revisions and share the details of each change with the project team.


Chalkstring can help. 

How it works

Upload your drawings

Upload single or multiple drawings at all stages of your projects, both pre and post contract.

Take your measures

Set your scale and easily measure areas, lines, perimeters & counts.

Review quantities

Your measures link automatically to your bill of quantities, ready for review.

Chalkstring takeoff software

Measure quickly, collaborate efficiently

  • Measure using Takeoff and have your quantities appear in your bill instantly
  • Reduce cost, as there's no need for third party measuring software
  • Store drawings, measures and mark-ups in one system, for everyone to access
  • Handle drawing revisions and variations easily
  • Collaborate efficiently by sharing information

Proline creates winning estimates quickly with Chalkstring

Hear from Simon Crawford, Commercial Projects Manager at Proline Internals Ltd. He explains how Chalkstring's takeoff software enables him to produce estimates quickly and manage & price variations onsite.

With Chalkstring you will:


Store all your drawings in one system, including revisions.


Measure in a consistent way across your whole business.


View all measures, revisions, comments and sketches for your projects.

See Chalkstring for yourself

How to create winning tenders fast

How to create winning tenders, fast

This webinar explores Chalkstring’s many powerful features, designed to help specialist subcontractors quickly generate competitive estimates.

Takeoff is just one of Chalkstring's many features

Chalkstring is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for estimating, procurement, cost reporting and more. Developed for specialist subcontractors, it streamlines how your entire team manages project financials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account.

Chalkstring overview - Takeoff

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