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Subcontract labour software for construction

Process labour claims, faster

  • Simplify how you verify & approve subcontract labour applications
  • Easily identify if subcontractors are over-booking & eliminate overpaying
  • Review real-time labour reports & always know any deviation from budget
Labour applications in Chalkstring

Does this sound familiar?

Processing labour fortnightly is a time-consuming admin task.

It's difficult to establish if labourers are over-claiming or just making mistakes.

It's hard to keep track of dayworks and variations.

We receive labour claims in many formats, which makes them hard to collate and cross-check.

It's often not clear what works are being claimed for. There are many fact-finding conversations.

We can't see if we're over or under our labour budget, until the end of the project.


Chalkstring can help. 

How it works

Input labour claim

Issue your labour bill to your subcontractor and ask them to fill in the completed measures and/or time. On receipt, add the claim to Chalkstring.

Review against progress

Chalkstring automatically cross-checks the claim against both the rates & measures in the live project scope and the recorded progress.

Approve or investigate claim

Easily identify if the subcontractor claim can be approved and paid. Or, establish whether you need to investigate overbooking or a claim error.

Construction software for processing labour claims

Make light work of labour claims

  • Add variations to your live project scope so they can be claimed for
  • Eliminate overpaying & identify habitual over-chargers
  • Generate subcontract labour payment certificates including CIS
  • Analyse who’s been paid for what, across a project or your entire business
  • Quickly establish if you’re over budget & easily investigate any deviations
  • Review tender versus live projections and other key metrics

Hear how Proline has revolutionised managing labour claims

Hear from Simon Crawford, Commercial Projects Manager at Proline Internals Ltd. He explains how Chalkstring's labour software enables him to process labour claims in a fraction of the usual time.

With Chalkstring you will:


Manage labour using one system, containing your labour bill, budget, live project scope & claims.


Receive claims in a consistent format and process them efficiently in the same way, every time.


Easily generate and interrogate labour reports, giving you complete visibility and control of costs.

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Webinar - Introducing cost management software

Introducing CIM - Cost Information Management

We explore the Cost Information Management (CIM) framework in which project financials are managed, shared and reported on in real-time throughout the project lifecycle.

Labour is just one of Chalkstring's many features

Chalkstring is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for estimating, procurement, cost reporting and more. Developed for specialist subcontractors, it streamlines how your entire team manages project financials across every stage of a construction contract, from tender to final account.

Chalkstring feature overview

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